Wednesday 28 February 2007

New Canon 1D mk3...

David Honl has released some info on the new Canon 1D Mk3 that has been announced to replace the mk2 version soon.

Not only does the camera shoot at 10fps but it's also 10.1 megapixels. If that isn't enough, the screen is 3 inchs - a full half inch larger than the screens found on current Canon and Nikon cameras.

More info can be found at

Hello all !!!

scarborough seafront - December 2006

Here is my first addition to the new photography blog.
I hope over the coming months to add bits and pieces about my work and other photography related items. I aim to build up an online diary about what i get up to as a photographer.

I started out studying documentary photography and this style of photography has remained my passion ever since. Sadly this type of photography is in decline but there are still a few areas on the internet where photographers can show there work. This is going to be one such place wher i can show my work and give some background about the images. I decided to have a broader plan when i started up as a pro and i do studio work, PR as well as documentary plus other areas but all of them usually come from the viewpoint of a documentary photographer.

Its an exciting time for photographers with both the benefits of film and digital imagery to explore and use. I started using digital on a regular basis about six months ago and it's revolutionised the way i take photos and yet i still use film regularly for personal work and commissions. Both medias are unique and have benefits and drawbacks and i think that a film free world is a long way away yet. A film free world is probably 20 years or so but technology always has a habit of surprising us so it could disappear quicker. Basically digital is here to stay whether photographers embrace it or not but i'd be the first to admit i like getting a roll of Ilford HP5 flying through my F5 regularly.

I'll be posting news on some projects i intend to shoot over 2007 so keep checking back for updates.