Friday 18 February 2011

Green to Go

Good news! After a mighty effort to get the main website back online, the hard work has finally paid off. The site went live online, after a few technical issues, via its new hosting home on Wednesday night. 

The website works and looks great, the business E-mail addresses are working again and the lesson has been learned that these days we should take NOTHING for granted - especially when it comes to regarding our website hosting arrangements. 

Anyway we are green to go. All i can say is phew... what a relief! 

Thursday 10 February 2011

Website Down

Yesterday saw the demise of my website. At around 1pm the site lights went out only to return some five hours later for another two hours before finally sinking. It looks like the hosting company i'm with, Web-Mania, have finally succumbed to the current tough economic situation. There was no indication of any problem until yesterday,and in the five years of using the hosting service i only ever encountered one issue.

So it's hosting hunting for me. For the next few days at least, all of my links will point to my Facebook page. I'm currently looking around to see what's on offer. Backups of the new website were made quickly when the website reappeared last night. As one of my Twitter followers rightly commented, I was the 'luckiest photographer in the UK'. Maybe, but i don't feel lucky.

Saturday 5 February 2011

Ready, Steady....GO!

Speedway start at Wolverhampton, 1997

Speedway. Powerful motorbikes with no brakes. Just awesome.... and the sound was just out of this world too. A roar would be the best description. I'm still going through work for the portfolio and this project is definitely staying in.

It's not a sport flush with money, unlike many others, but all involved, from the teams right through to the fans, have a passion for Speedway. I might have another go at photographing a team this year.