Thursday 31 July 2014

Chris Killip on Skinningrove

Photograph by Chris Killip
If you're looking for a superb photo film to watch that I'd have to recommend the Michael Almereyda film 'Skinningrove' in which photographer Chris Killip talks about his excellent work in the North Yorkshire fishing village during the 1980's.

The film presents a group of images, much of it unpublished work (several images ended up in Killip's classic 1988 book 'In Flangrante') and also discusses the background to the images. It makes fascinating viewing. Credit must be given to Killip for having such a respectful and natural attitude to his subject matter. As Almereyda states 'The photographs embodied something essential about Chris’s relationship to his subjects, to the world.' Sadly not all photographers are this engaged with the people they photograph.

Especially touching are his reminiscences about the lads who worked on the sea, fishing just of the coast of Skinningrove. Sadly two of the lads featured in the Killip's photographs drowned when the boat capsized.

The excellent Michael Almereyda film 'Skinningrove' can be viewed HERE