Thursday 22 November 2007

Animal magic

Tony and Ernie - Photograph by Tony Mendoza

Photography is often about relationships and there are none more fascinating than one between a human and an animal. Photographer Tony Mendoza moved into a rented loft with a fellow artist who had a cat called Ernie.

Tony photographed Ernie everyday for two years making around 10,000 negatives. In 2001 Tony Mendoza published a book of the Ernie photographs and he has added a website featuring selected images from the book with details on how the photographs were taken.

I just love these images. Cats and dogs certainly have their own unique quirky character traits and Ernie's has been lovingly captured in Mendoza's photographs.

Tony Mendoza's Ernie: A Photographer's Memoir can be found HERE

Website found via a posting on The Online Photographer

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