Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Picture purity

Black headed gulls flying about at Blakeney, Norfolk

There are loads of photography blogs out there, some of which i avidly await news updates from about photographers, their images or a new lens. There are also the other photography blogs that are run by certain photographers who have a great understanding and control of the technical side of photography but the pictures they take are rubbish.

A good metaphor was posted recently for these types of photographer who put technical purity before the visual quality of their images. The attitude and images of this techically obsessed set of photographers were explained as ' like having a perfectly tuned expensive grand piano and only playing chopsticks on it'. I rather like that metaphor.

Nothing bores me more than a weblog dedicated solely to the technical side of photography. I'd rather eat my own cameras than read some of the twaddle they write. Photography is not a purely technical exercise. Yes it does help create great photographs but it is only part of the creative equation.

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