Saturday, 12 April 2008

The wider angle

Walking on the Tyne Bridge towards Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you could have only one lens to work with your entire life, what focal length would that lens be? 35mm? 105mm? 200mm? It sounds a daft question but I've noticed over the years that i take the vast majority of my images around the same focal length settings.

I'm a wideangle photographer mainly using 35mm or wider for a lot of my imagery. I just love the depth that you can get with a wideangle lens but others prefer telephotos, macro, super wideangle fisheye or just a standard 50mm lens to shoot the majority of their images.

My favourite is the Nikkor 35mm f2.0 which i use quite extensively but i 'm currently on the lookout for a wideangle zoom around the 18-35mm range. It should be interesting to see what i do with the wider angles available on that lens.

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