Saturday, 22 November 2008

Digitally yours

Looking at a digital camera or a phone? Maybe it's both!

Communication is THE big sell now. From buying a iPhone to getting a mobile broadband connection, 'staying connected' seems to be the mantra of the early 21st century. I aim to be connected more during 2009.

During 2009 i'd like to start posting from out in the world, out in the field as they say. The technology is in place for me to do this quickly and reliably; it would also be a new challenge. I'm even thinking of doing some podcasts, an idea that i had some time ago but still toying with.

To be honest, i think it would be fun to do some podcasts if they could be produced to a high enough standard. The trick is to get the right format of podcast programme - developing that will be the immensely difficult part. A photo technical podcast does not appeal to me - i think i'd go for a photostory type of thing, the people, places and stories behind them.

I'll only start this it if i think the podcasting idea will work though. More brainwaves about that idea and others will be posted as and if/when i have them. Any ideas and/or recommendations are always welcome :o)

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