Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Torn film

The war memorial in York - late Summer 2008

It was the quiet tearing sound that alarmed me. I was attempting to put a roll of 120 film onto a developing reel when it all went horribly wrong. The film tore into two halves, one slightly longer than the other. The only solution was to load the first strip and then attempt to put the second strip on. Fortunately this idea worked and both films developed in the tank as normal but it was a close call.

I've never had a roll of film rip on me. Never. It's a remarkably tough material and can withstand all sorts of handling and abuse. The only reason that i can come up with is that the film was damaged during manufacture. It was this very film that jammed in my Bronica SQi film back while out shooting - a highly unusual situation that's never happened before or since. I suppose i'll never know why.

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Torn film.

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