Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Like Eddie

Bridge across the broads - Potter Heigham, Norfolk, UK

One of the most interesting revelations i picked up on while watching 'The Unlikely Weapon' film trailer was Eddie Adams' critical opinion of his own work. At one point he states 'maybe if i make the perfect picture I'll be happy'. It's a thought that is often cited by creative people but is it a healthy philosophy to have?

I have been described as a 'perfectionist'. My best friend Steve often calls me that and i believe he is right. Many of the photographs on the blog are viewed and altered several times before i upload them. Too fussy? Absolutely! I suppose that i believe in the statement that you are only as good as your last photo. Ridiculous really because most retrospective exhibitions by the great icons/heroes of photography often feature a lifetime of work. Thirty, forty or even sixty years of work can hang on the walls of the gallery.

I think that creative people tend to be hard to please when it comes to their own work. Maybe that's why we keep taking photographs. Are we all like Eddie searching for that perfect image? Oh dear... I'm starting to sound like the photographic equivalent of Carrie from Sex in the city :o) but seriously i would be interested to hear whether you all feel the same about your work. Are all artists trying to attain that perfect piece of work? I think i might be.

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