Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Little Moments II

Taking in the view - Sheringham sea front, Norfolk, UK

Today has been spent catching up on email and looking for parts for a camera. At some point in the recent past, i lost the DK-17 eyepiece for the F3. It could be lost here in the house or up at Consett somewhere. It's one of those annoying little problems that you have to deal with from time to time. Anyhow I've ordered a new eyepiece online for the slight cost of around £13. It could have been far worse.

When I'm out and about taking pics, i follow my unofficial motto/rule 'ALWAYS work out of the bag'. I've developed the habit of working to that rule. If i put anything down, a lightmeter etc, i put it on, or more often, back in the camera bag. It's a simple, rigorously enforced rule that works really well and gives me peace of mind because i know that i won't ever leave anything behind on a wall or bench. Sadly some things you can't watch all the time - the eyepiece must have been loose and fallen off the pentaprism as i walked along.

On the other hand, i could have taken the eyepiece off the pentaprism to clean it and forgot put it back on...

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