Saturday, 29 January 2011

Original Edit

Helicopter coming into land: Army exercise near Stone, Staffordshire, UK

Work on the new portfolio galleries continues at pace. With the amount of work that i have to add, it looks like it'll be quite a few weeks before the portfolio is fully up to strength. Digitally shot work isn't too much of a hassle but images captured on film requires a lot of effort.  Lots of scanning is involved and that takes time. Re-visiting projects does have it's advantages though. Several of the galleries will be extended to include new photographs taken during those shoots. An extended director's cut version, if you will.

One such gallery is the Territorial Army. Originally  this gallery had around twenty five images, but this will increase to around forty in the new portfolio. So where are these new extra images coming from? Quite simply, they are just shots that were edited out due to time, darkroom printing and photo-story narrative issues. I really have been surprised how many great photographs did not make the original final edit. Obviously some other considerations came into play at the time.

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