Thursday, 10 February 2011

Website Down

Yesterday saw the demise of my website. At around 1pm the site lights went out only to return some five hours later for another two hours before finally sinking. It looks like the hosting company i'm with, Web-Mania, have finally succumbed to the current tough economic situation. There was no indication of any problem until yesterday,and in the five years of using the hosting service i only ever encountered one issue.

So it's hosting hunting for me. For the next few days at least, all of my links will point to my Facebook page. I'm currently looking around to see what's on offer. Backups of the new website were made quickly when the website reappeared last night. As one of my Twitter followers rightly commented, I was the 'luckiest photographer in the UK'. Maybe, but i don't feel lucky.

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BT-Toby said...

Hi Richard, we use Heart Internet for all of our websites - most of them are Wordpress based. We've never had a problem in the 2+ years we've used them. If you want to have a chat about it or any further advice, give me a shout - Toby