Monday, 7 January 2013

Setting the Pace

Diving support ships in harbour at Kyle of Lochalsh, Highlands of Scotland

Being ravaged by the flu over Christmas gives you plenty of time to have a think about what changes you want to make for 2013. New Year resolutions always seem very easy to break. Many don't even last through January let alone the whole year. One promise i do aim to keep, however, regards this blog.

I want to write more about photography. Over the last couple of years the blog posts have gradually gone down. Last year i posted just 35 times, almost half the posts i did in 2011. Partially it is to do with distractions and other sites to place work, but fundamentally it is down to me not loving my blog as much as i should. After all it was among the first websites i set up back in 2007 and i'd be gutted if it vanished.

Quality, and not quantity, is important but i can certainly aim to do better than last year when it comes to adding content. I already have some ideas that include more photographer profile posts and other material. So here is to the next year. I wish everyone who reads this little blog a fabulous 2013.


kat evans said...

You are so not alone on this one!
I've thought about scrapping mine
but like said, I'd feel gutted! Let's
make 2013 a year to get back on
track with that which makes us
passionate! PHOTOGRAPHY!!

Richard Flint said...

Totally agree Kat. I think some of it is due to the amount of places we have to post things like Facebook, Instagram etc. I wouldn't zap your blog though. I aim to try and do between six and ten posts a month but it can be tough to come up with things. Writers block possibly?

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