Thursday, 7 March 2013

Raising the Colours

Reenactment at Gettysburg, PA. 2012 | Photo by Michael Falco

There are a few photographers covering the current anniversaries of the American Civil war but the superb colour images by Michael Falco especially stand out by having quite a unique haunting quality.

Michael has been using his own large format pin hole cameras to capture the action at various civil war reenactment events that will be going on until 2015. The resulting images have quite an authentic feel to them but i especially like the blurred movement contained within the images. The flags on the battlefield take on a life of their own, often looking tattered and worn from intense battlefield wear and tear.

We tend to want everything sharp and clear in this digital photography world. Usually that's OK, but modern images can sometimes be seen as rather too clean as other photographers have mentioned. Falco's work has character, feel and most of all atmosphere. You can almost hear the flags fluttering in the wind.

It would be interesting to do some English Civil war reenactment images in a similar style, even if it was historically totally inaccurate. Photography in the England of 1644 would probably be regarded as witchcraft so you'd have to be careful.

Michael Falco's excellent pinhole colour photography can be found on his website HERE


kat evans said...

If there is one thing I have learned living
in the South, it's that the Civil War never
really ended. This is a great share Rich!
And if you are ever interested in reading
some material on Civil War reenactments
the book "Confederates in the Attic" is
a great read!

Richard Flint said...

Thanks for the book recommendation Kat. I will check that out.

Totally agree with you about the American Civil War not really ending. Civil wars tend to be more poisonous and vicious. Sadly they often don't have any closure.

I just love the style, blur and colours (smoke and mist) of this work plus the photographer's attitude to photography. Digital is great but plenty of room for other forms of photography too :)

Michael Falco said...


thanks for posting an image and link to my ongoing blog, Civil War 150 Pinhole Project. The pinhole camera has become somewhat of an obsession for me in this age of digital and instant feedback. Just arriving at the lab with a box of exposed film, the anticipation of seeing the work, is incredible and a feeling I had completely forgotten about. Thanks again, Cheers
Mike Falco

Richard Flint said...


Many thanks for your comment. It was a pleasure to mention your work on the blog. Your images just stood out with the style, colour and the movement. Mood and atmosphere caught in an image.

I can imagine the anticipation of waiting for the results and the pleasure of seeing great results. Digital photography has much to offer photographers but the anticipation factor is non-existent. We are always in such a rush and that even includes photography now - we want it all now! I just prefer the slower pace and the fact you have to think a bit more when doing film photography.

Mike, I look forward to seeing your excellent project grow. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it. :)
Thanks again for commenting.


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