Monday, 28 May 2007

Day to day

A wounded soldier being evacuated. :Michael Kamber/New York Times

A few weeks ago i posted an article about Larry Burrows and the photographing of the Vietnam war. The role of photographers like Burrows was to inform and get the story/message out into the world for people to share the war experience.

Several decades later, the journalist/photographer's roles are very much the same and a recent photojournalism piece from the New York Times website reflects how the reporting of conflict can still be shocking, but essential to our understanding of world events.

Photojournalist Michael Kamber was with a unit of U.S troops searching for missing servicemen when it came under attack. His experiences and photos have been put together to form a fascinating insight into the day to day life of forces serving in Iraq.

The Reach of War: A deadly search for missing soldiers

A second multimedia presentation looks at the day to day experiences of various elements within a U.S Marine Unit. The images are by Joao Silva and Todd Heisler with narration by C.J. Chivers.

NOTE: The New York Times website has a number of multimedia presentations available to view that cover a broad spectrum of issues and stories. One of the best is Keith Meyers photographer journal where he discusses the use of the World Trade towers as a backdrop for many of his images.

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