Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Advertising brillance

Renault Advertising image: John Claridge

I've been an admirer of John Claridge's work for many years after first coming across his images in a photography magazine. The thing i liked the most was his laid back attitude to photography and his lack of interest for photographic technical chit chat. The magazine tried its hardest to find out about film, lens and cameras but he couldn't remember exact details of shoots; why bother when his images said it all anyway.

I've always found his photographic style refreshing with his images using colour and light to the max; the images are almost cinematic in their intensity with an element of reportage.

The list of client names says it all too with Claridge's commissions coming from a variety of big name international companies including Renault, Pirelli and Porsche.

The website also features John Claridge's other photographic work including the striking image of a hand dyed black by constant contact with the wool dyes.

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