Saturday, 1 September 2007

Future developments

Man on girders -Empire State Building New York, ca 1931 : image by Lewis Hine

Now that its late in the year, I've started thinking about 2008 and how i develop my business further. My posts on the blog have tended to stay away from the 'business' end of the business but this is mainly to avoid boring all of you who read this blog. This is, after all, a photography blog and not a business blog. However every year about this time, i think about the year and try and develop some ideas for the future. What worked and what didn't. Was that advert good value for money? All these types of thing get looked at and analysed for performance.

My thoughts then turned to my blog. Ah, my dear old blog that i have come to love. This blog was one of my better ideas for this year. Not only has it given me an outlet for my thoughts but it has also provided a gallery for my images. I have more subscribers and site visitors than i could ever have imagined. I thank you all.

The image above is by Lewis Hine, a photographer who'll be one of many featured every two weeks in the blog. If you don't know much about 20th century photography or know who James Nachtwey is, then these posts may be of interest. The first Photographer feature about Lewis Hine will be posted this week.

Image © The Estate of Lewis Hine

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