Monday, 10 September 2007

In the works

Takeoff from Burham Thorpe airfield, Norfolk

I've finally got a design for my new website and its full steam ahead to get the site built, up and running. Hopefully it should be ready in the next three weeks complete with new galleries.

This new website incorporates the blog and a sales area for my work which i aim to expand over 2008. An important addition to the website for 2008 will be online contact sheets for clients to view shoot results on the same day - they can also view during the shoot.

As i commented in a post a week or so ago, its business review time and one item to dissappear in 2008 are the phone book adverts. Put simply...they just don't work! I've had a yellow pages ad since 2002 and this year i went into the BT book. With both books the cost came to just over £800. For that sort of investment i expect a good return and these ads just haven't earned their keep- they will not be renewed for 2008! For anyone starting in business i would just say, think twice before purchasing an advert and monitor the ads you buy very closely. Ask clients how they found you and note it down. Nine times out of ten it'll be because of a recommendation...not because of an advert.

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Anna said...

Richard, very nice blog and photography is amazing. You are really able to capture the details, and supported by your stories. Nice, Anna :) Thanks for joining my neighborhood.

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