Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Coastal dwellings

Houses on the coast at Weybourne, Norfolk

A few hundred yards along the coast from where the last image was taken are these houses, perched on top of a slowly crumbling cliff face. There are five houses in the row, some looking a bit weather beaten which wasn't surprising, but all unique houses with broad spectacular views of the sea.

There were one or two tell tale signs that the houses had been used by the Royal Navy. Near to where the pillbox was located were the concrete remains of a gun emplacement - maybe the navy used the houses as an area HQ.

The end house nearest the sea has lost some of its garden, five or six feet of the stone garden wall hanging precariously in the air over the end of the cliff. Was it years or just days since the cliff face gave way? You couldn't tell; but there can be no doubt that eventually these houses will suffer the same fate as the garden wall. When? That's anyones guess.

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