Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ways of seeing

Saturday morning 10:25am - Chesterfield Market, Derbyshire

On the motorway coming back from a family get together, my eyes looked across towards the distant twinkling lights of Sheffield and i thought it is so sad that cameras can't see things like we do. I wanted to capture those twinkling orange and green lights there and then but i couldn't.

The human eye is a very clever piece of kit. It can filter and process light brilliantly, function in very low light levels and colour correct with ease. I have no doubt that digital cameras will develop at a rapid pace and who knows; maybe one day the camera will start to work more like the human eye but its a long way off.

All of us have seen images that we couldn't take due to any number of reasons. We miss that moment and the photo has gone - a dreadful feeling for a photographer. I've always wondered what it would be like to have eyes that could take photographs or video. Photography would take on a whole new dimension.

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