Monday, 9 June 2008

Film mix

Beach break sign - Hunstanton beach, Norfolk

The film has been ordered and I'm getting ready for shooting images in Norfolk. The ratio of Ilford Fp4 to HP5 is 2:1 as this year i want to shoot finer grain film. The mix last year was about 50:50. I wasn't disappointed with the results last year from the HP5, but on the other hand, i did start shooting HP5 at 400asa rather than my usual speed of 800asa - so there must have been something that i didn't like.

The one thing i hope to avoid is the repetition of images; you know, that sudden realisation that you've taken this image probably four or five times before. Hopefully i can stay clear of that and produce some photographs that add to the my photographic view of the county.

The colour images taken this year are going to be a mixture of digital and medium format 645 & 6x6 transparency. I did consider taking some colour negative film but decided against it. Digital will easily do everything i want...and more. I will probably take too much equipment, some of which i won't use, but that's just part of photography. Leave that piece of kit behind and you can guarantee that you'll need it for a shot! :-)

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