Monday, 15 September 2008

Light letdown

Looking down Grainger Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The light was a letdown this weekend. It was bright enough to do some photography but a little sunshine would have been nice. As it was, i didn't take as many images as i thought, so another trip up north may be called for later in the year.

Carrying on from the work shot at the end of February, more images were taken down by the Quayside and at the very atmospheric All Saints Church that i came across while strolling around earlier in the year. I concentrated on photographing the worn antique gravestones with the 6x6 Bronica SQAi - the textures on the headstones were fantastic. One very worn and battered headstone i photographed dated all the way back to 1796.

I've decided that next time I'm up in Newcastle, I'll be using just a single small camera - possibly my Nikon F3HP. I had too much gear with me this time - my Billingham's weight was particularly noticeable on the climb up the hill to get to the city centre. It keeps me fit i suppose :-)

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