Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wonder years

This photograph dates from my early years as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I came across it during a negative filing session which made me think back to my pre college photography. The photograph was taken in Chester in 1991, where a remarkable disabled man was using his feet to draw a picture. The wonderful little girl was just enthralled by the whole scene, she just stood and watched with an intense fascination as this fantastic artist finished his drawing. It's amazing to think that this little girl will be in her early twenties now!

I've suddenly realised that my early photographic work is starting to knock on a bit. My first really good photographs started to arrive in 1991, when my camera shooting, film choice and darkroom skills were steady enough to produce good results. I was just 19 years old when i took this photograph and yet 17 years have gone by since i took this image. How time flies..... it makes me wonder how I'll feel about my work when it's forty or fifty years old.

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