Sunday 2 August 2009

Stonewall Still-life II

Stone wall still-life II, North Wales - July 2003.

This image, and the one in the previous post, were both taken from the rather large archive of negatives that I'm attempting to file properly. It's not an easy task, in fact it's pretty daunting, but it needs to be done. Dates, times and places all need to be added and logged, like i should have done in the first place. I started doing this a couple of years ago, so it's a kind of work in progress thing really. One day I'm sure to come to the end of it. Maybe.

If i stopped taking photographs tomorrow, i would still have a healthy supply of images to accompany the blog text. I wouldn't like to calculate the number of shots held in those negative binders, but i suppose it could be as high as 20,000. Maybe more. It's great revisiting old pre-blog photographs like this one. The light was wonderful the evening i took this. The rain clouds had just cleared and a golden orange sunlight shone down onto the wall, so i quickly grabbed the camera and spent twenty minutes or so shooting this stonewall before the light went. There are some wonderful colour images too that I'll post later this month.

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