Sunday, 30 August 2009

WW - Beaumaris Fishing Trip

Preparing to leave on a sea fishing trip

Another Kodachrome 25 transparency image. This merry band of men were off on a fishing trip going out to sea from Beaumaris on Anglesey. I've always found photographing people interesting. I think it's something to do with the expressive nature of body language and how groups of people physically interact towards one another.

Beaumaris is located on a beautiful part of the Anglesey coast. From there you can see the Snowdonia mountains and along the Menai Straits. Sadly, a thick sea haze, low cloud or rain can often hide this wonderful vista from view. The town also features the splendid, if not rather creepy, Beaumaris Gaol - a Victorian prison opened in 1826. Well worth a visit.

This should be, in theory, the last in the Wales week set of posts, however because it has been such fun to do, there will be one more photograph posted as a bonus tomorrow.

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