Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fishing at Whitby

Fishing at Whitby, Yorkshire, UK

I like this photograph. It was taken at Whitby last Friday and shows that wonderful moment where dad and son go fishing. I don't think much was biting that day, but fishing isn't always about what you catch. They've probably sat down to fish while Mum has a good look around Whitby. The stories contained within a photograph can be varied and many.

The UK election was officially launched this week, which means that most of the British public will be sick to death of politics and politicians by election day on May 6th. I'm already fed up. Some politicians believe in the term 'broken Britain' which refers to the disintegration of the fabric of society in the UK. Most of that kind of talk is rubbish and has been around for years - since Victorian times in fact - and anarchy has still not set in. I like to think that the photograph represents the vast majority of families in this county - just normal everyday folks going about their lives.

In a separate event, both political parties managed to infringe a BBC image copyright by designing a campaign poster based upon the image of a popular BBC TV show character, and all in a week when the badly thought out 'anti piracy' digital economy bill was rushed through parliament in an attempt to stop people 'stealing' illegal pirated material off the intenet. The original BBC photograph, manipulated and then used by both the Labour and Conservative political parties, was 'borrowed' (or downloaded if you prefer) from the internet. How ironic.

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