Thursday, 15 April 2010

Three Rules

If you visited the Richard Flint Photography blog website today, you'll have noticed that a number of Amazon adverts have appeared. I suppose that this was bound to happen eventually, after all, the official blog is for a commercial business, and  many photo websites do it. I thought, however, that i'd better mention about the advertising policy of the blog.

I mortally HATE websites that feature more advertising than content, or where the advertising is in your face. I like to think that the adverts placed on my blog fit nicely into the site, prominant enough to do their job without ruining the website's accessibility. It is a delicate balance. Likewise it is a delicate balance when linking to products or websites. I have adopted certain rules that i follow to keep the quality of advert links high.

First of all, the product must be useful to photographers. This can range from camera cleaning equipment to software that helps your computer run better. Second is quality. If it is linked on the blog then either i use it or I believe that the quality is superb. If it's rubbish... it don't get on.  Finally, rule number three is that the advertising should NOT interfere with the overall look of the website and the viewing experience. All of the adverts i've added to the blog are tucked away at the bottom of the sidebar and blog page.

1 comment:

Chris Breebaart said...

Hey no worries! you are making a living and this is not the first page with ads on the net. besides: I come to look at your pictures not ads lol
I posted a lo-mob pic on my blog have a look and lemme know what you think

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