Saturday, 8 May 2010

RAW Deal

Pleasure trip heads out to sea at Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK

That's the election over and done with...ah.. well not quite. I still have to vote due to one of the party constituency candidates dying during the run up to the election. The voting was delayed, so i go and vote on the 27th May. Something to look forward to.

I'm still clearing out old files from the computer, and surprise surprise, the vast majority of the room is taken up with old photos. Already i've recycled 12Gb of space after removing various imported camera RAW files, many of them from last year's Norfolk trip. I am treading very carefully before i delete them. It would be tragic to remove images only to find they were the only copies. I believe that a final total of 35Gb of hard drive space will be freed up by the time i finish dealing with the photo section. 

I mentioned some time ago that i needed more storage space for my digital files. The spring clean of the last week has made my decision to buy an external hard drive, a more urgent one.

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