Monday, 24 May 2010

SoFoBoMo decisions

The weekend has been hot and sunny. You have to make the most of that weather combination if you live in Britain. The photograph above was taken as I slurped through a pot of tea in the garden. Just a quick shot on the iPhone. Speaking of which...

I've finally decided to shoot my Solo Photo Book Project on the iPhone using the Polaroid style photo app Shakeitphoto. The subject will be involve documenting the making of the vampire film 'Christian'. Cast, crew and locations will all be photographed to create a photo scrapbook of the production. A mixture of portraits, landscapes and documentary photography will be used.

As i did last year, some of the photographs will be 'previewed' on the blog along with the story of how i came about taking them. The SoFoBoMo project starts, for me at least, on June 7th.

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