Sunday, 18 July 2010

C'est la vie

A portrait of the film character Christian played by actor Carl Isherwood

It has been a tough week, not made an easier by the fact that i had to make a really tough decision this weekend about my involvement in a film. In the end, i made my decision and decided to quit as the Director of Photography on the vampire film 'Christian'. The reason is a simple one. The job was non-existent.

The Director of Photography's job on a movie is a pretty straightforward one. You help the director create the film's visual style using lighting and via the use of camera angles, framing of scenes, colour palettes etc. I've been increasingly consulted less and less about those issues, and after a number of weeks of deliberation... i reluctantly and sadly decided to go.

C'est la vie as the French would say. I may return to set as a stills photographer for this last week of filming in Whitby.

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Picturit said...

It's sad when things don't work out the way you hope, but I always believe things happen for reason and it's all a learning curve. Better luck next time Richard I am sure there will be more opportunities for someone of your talent I'm sure. Kev