Thursday, 29 July 2010

Salthouse Horse

A horse goes to water - Salthouse, Norfolk, UK

After a deluge of iPhone images on the blog these last few weeks, I've decided to add a few black and white film images to balance things up. I've already started to think about what i'd like to do next year during the Norfolk shoot. It looks likely that I'll be shooting large 6x6 colour film images alongside the usual b&w. A new angle for the project to work alongside the tried and tested.

I have so much to do next year including starting the hunt for a new DSLR. A few tough decisions may have to be made that even include postponing any potential purchase until 2012. I'm seriously thinking about a Nikon D4 which will be, when Nikon eventually release it, stupid money. I am keeping an open mind about things, but the constant upgrading of digital camera gear and the hype around it really bugs me.

Maybe that's why i love film cameras (oh heck i love digital too, just certain elements really annoy me) so much - no upgrading required.... well not much.

1 comment:

Picturit said...

Hi Richard, I understand your gripe with DSLR constantly bringing new models out. Maybe you could lease a one then you could upgrade every year. Nice image god I love black and white.

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