Saturday 14 May 2011

Capturing the City

Hell's Kitchen, New York in December 1953: Image by Frank Oscar Larson

If you enjoyed the street photography by Vivian Maier featured on the blog a few weeks ago then i think you'll love the work of Frank Oscar Larson. Larson was yet another photographer who photographed the streets of 1950's New York but wasn't a professional photographer. 

Every Sunday morning Larson would set out from his home to photograph around various New York locales with his Rolleiflex camera. The negatives were discovered in a cardboard box two years ago by his son's widow. The negatives had laid untouched for 45 years following the death of the photographer in 1964.

The photographs are currently featured in an exhibition, “Reflections of New York,” at the Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles.


kat evans said...

Isn't it amazing to know that there
are probably thousands, if not
millions of brilliant photos out there
in form of negatives sitting in boxes.
Thank you for sharing yet another
great eye!

Richard Flint Photography said...

It is amazing Kat and i think your right about photographic work that hasn't been discovered yet. I love stories like this one. It just goes to show that ALL photographers are important regardless of pro or amateur status.