Sunday, 22 May 2011

Funny Money

Worth $3,890,500? Nah.

Three million, eight hundred and ninety thousand and five hundred dollars( yep $3,890,500). That is how much a Cindy Sherman print went for at auction at Christies a couple of weeks ago according to information released this week. That is the highest price ever realised for a photographic print.

It's a mind boggling amount that just begs the question.... why???? I haven't a clue! I will admit that I am not the biggest Cindy Sherman fan. Neither am i a huge fan of photographer's doing self portraits continuously - so much out there to explore and photograph, and they photograph themselves over and over again. Hmm... but the Sherman print sale is not about taste. Nope, it's about hard cash.

It does beg the question what is a photograph worth? Personally i would never pay $3,890,500 (or anywhere near that) for a photograph, even if i had Bill Gates/ Steve Jobs' level of wealth.  I would, however, like to sell one of mine for that price or just a fraction of that amount. Wouldn't we all?

A number of photography blogs offer some great insights into the crazy world of art photography. I've linked to them in this post. I especially like the 'second secret sale' moral dilemma  featured on The Online Photographer.  So...would you do it? I would!

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