Monday, 26 November 2012

American Dream

Regular readers of this blog may remember Ian Ruhter's Silver and light video about the photographer who used his van as a camera, darkroom and transport all rolled into one. Like Harry Taylor featured in the last post, Ruhter was looking for something different and found it in the Wet Plate Collodian photography .

This second video follows Ian photographing people he has met in Los Angeles and the images, just like the stories he hears, are quite remarkable. The wet plate images do seem to capture the character of the portrait sitter rather well, but the process of taking the actual images is far from easy. Ruhter has it down to a fine art.

Best of all, the Ruhter wet plate van is hitting the roads around the United States to photograph the people and places. I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on what this photographer captures on his travels.


Paula Guhin said...

Wonderful photo, Richard! About your Instagram shots...may I ask if there's an easy way to use Instagram on my pc if I don't have a smart phone? I tried to download it but the program I was using required an Instagram password first.
Also love the leaping reflection shot!
Paula at

Richard Flint said...

Hi Paula, Many thanks for the comment. Regarding your question about Instagram i'm afraid that Instagram currently has a one way system allowing people to view work via a PC but not add images unless you use a smart phone. Whether they will open up the platform to include other users is unknown, but it is certainly possible.

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