Saturday, 24 November 2012

American Tintype

After the death of his mother, photographer Harry Taylor decided that he had taken film and digital photography as far as he could and discovered a passion for the 150 year old process of Tintype photography. The equipment and Tintype photo process is fascinating to watch. I'd love to have a go.

This short film is beautifully shot and captures the passion of photography perfectly. We all work in our own way to create images and this film just happens to capture a photographer who needed to change his photography. Especially interesting is Harry's mention of digital photography being perfect. Is this maybe why we use the Instagram retro photo filters? A need to inject some imperfection perhaps?


kat evans said...

Harry lives in my town and we
have some friends in common.
I'm actually hoping to have him
do a portraiture of the family
this year, if I can muster up the $$!

Richard Flint said...

It's a small world Kat :) Love his portrait work. What does he charge for a family portrait?