Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bottle tops

This is the final post of the colour week series. I was rather surprised to see that only three of the images posted were from digital sources - and i picked the photographs!

I still use colour film, although mainly in 120 roll formats rather than 35mm. The rest of my colour work is done digitally and it is digital that, i believe, has made me view colour image making in a new light. I was never a big fan of colour during my student days but now it accounts for a good proportion of my work. Digital just makes colour photography so much easier.

The image above was taken in the studio as just a bit of fun but i like how it's turned out. The warm light was shining onto the beer bottle caps from a nearby window. The lens was a Nikkor 55mm macro lens which is one of my favourite lenses for studio work.

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