Friday, 30 May 2008

Broad selection

The boats on the Norfolk Broads at Wroxham, Norfolk, UK

I can' remember the last time i was at Wroxham and the sun was shining. The last few visits have always been during either rain or dull overcast skies, but regardless of what the weather is like, Wroxham is always a fun place to visit.

It is getting close to the 2008 Norfolk visit and I've been thinking about what film to take with me. Last year, i posted an article about how I was going to use a broader mix of films in 2008 - i still intend to follow that plan. I'm going to stick my neck out, hope that the British summer weather is sunny and bright (yeah right!), and take 125asa and 50asa as the main stock. I will also take some Ilford HP5 400asa (a standard film of mine anyway) just in case the weather isn't that good.

One format i intend to shoot more of this year is medium format 120 in 6x4.5 & 6x6 formats. I do enjoy using these types of cameras and the image quality is just superb. Other than that it will be the usual mixed bag of digital, 35mm film and medium format.

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