Monday, 19 May 2008

Written in dust

The doors to All Saints Church, Newcastle

During my walk around Newcastle a few months back, i came across a wonderful old church called All Saints that dated back to the early 19th century. The images of the graveyard have already been posted on the blog but the first image i took was of the front doors.

They looked very old, maybe as old as the building itself. All over the door, written in the thick dust were peoples names, nicknames etc. Nothing rude from what i could see; it just looked like various people had wanted to leave their name as if to say 'I'm here!' It was as though they might be forgotten by everyone if they didn't do so.

Maybe that's what we all want...a way to be remembered, some way of marking our time here, where we are or who we are with. Personally, I believe that everything fades with time, regardless of things like money and fame. As the late, great George Harrison sang ' All things must pass'.

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