Thursday, 17 July 2008

Great escape

Big and little Darth Vader - Image by Steve Schofield

I just love this series of portraits by Steve Schofield. The images certainly seem to ask a question or two about modern living and how we try to escape from its monotony. Steve's statement about the work says:-

"My practice is concerned with exploring the fascination that the British public has with American popular culture and the sub-cultural world of fandom. In the images, I have shown people in their own homes and environments wearing costumes that they would be dressed in to attend events with other like-minded individuals. It seeks to offer a glimpse into seemingly ordinary lives of my subjects and allows the private to become public. The work hints at the depth of people's fantasies and the methods they employ to adopt this culture as part of their own lifestyle as a means of escapism".

Chewbacca's kitchen - Image by Steve Schofield

I especially love the Wookie shot. Its just such a bizarre portrait that really works because it looks so out of place. Chewbacca from Star Wars in a kitchen just looks odd !!!! What certainly comes across in these photographs is how seriously these people take their passion. The quality of the costumes are just fantastic.

Not all of the images relate to Star Wars, with other fans dressing up as their favourite character from Star Trek. Another popular theme seems to be the Wild west with various cowboys and Indians making an appearance.

The gallery of images is well worth a look and can be found at:-

Found via Shoot the blog

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