Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Taking the platform

Traveller looking at train timetable, York Station, 1998

Just recently, i've started using the trains again after a gap of a few years. Last week i did two journeys by rail and it was while in the station at York that i saw several people taking photographs. Yes, a few of these people were of that infamous spotting variety... the trainspotter... but quite a few were tourists fascinated by the size and architecture of York railway station.

What i found even more interesting was the total freedom that they had to take images inside the station. We hear so much about uptight security services stopping images being taken in public buildings but no one made a move to stop these people for taking their snaps. The visit to the station platform reminded me of a project i did ten years ago.

I photographed inside Manchester Piccadilly and York railway stations for a project about how we use public places. People are that busy concentrating on their traveling that they don't notice you taking photographs. This young man above was a classic example of that; he was far too busy checking what time his train went, to see me take his photograph.

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