Friday, 18 July 2008

Pier pressure

Waves crashing against sea walls at Cromer, Norfolk, UK

My recent photographic shooting trip to Norfolk was full of surprises. I used to shoot quite a few rolls of 120 film but this year i found that i really did use a LOT of film in my Bronica SQAi. The increase has come about through two pieces of equipment; a prism viewfinder and a speedgrip that made the camera handle more like a 35mm camera.

I haven't processed any of the film yet so i can't say whether the better handling has resulted in better images, but i certainly believe that some great images were taken... fingers crossed :-) The first batch of films will be developed this weekend and the new images put on the blog next week... hopefully.

The image above was taken during a visit to Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. The waves that day were pretty big, moving vast quantities of pebbles under the water that created a loud crunching sound as they rolled in. This sound really helped me gauge the size of a wave, giving me an advance warning of a real big one coming in. This is, of course, just a small wave compared to some of the rough winter 'rollers' that will come in after a storm. The force of the water must be terrifying at times !

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