Sunday, 26 October 2008

Changing armour

Tank driving day out - Weybourne, Norfolk, UK

It wasn't that long ago that the main enemy of a photographer was dust. Getting dust on the wet developing film could seriously jeopardise image quality and the move to modern digital technology hasn't changed that fact. Dust just shows up as black dots on the photograph, rather than white, when debris gets on the digital sensor. If that isn't bad enough, now we have to watch out on our computers for viruses, ad-ware, rootkits, etc etc.

After ten months. I've finally managed to get a stable and fast wireless Internet connection installed in the house. It's great, but the need for keeping my computer protection up-to-date has increased drastically, now that the computer is constantly connected to the net. I've just swapped from one Internet security system to another after finding a few 'nasties' residing on my computer. Not a nice feeling especially when you consider how much we rely on computers these days.

Anyway, now i feel slightly safer with my new security system up and running. If the computer was wrecked or incapacitated by a virus.... well it would be a disaster. Maybe i should get a separate backup drive for all my images to go onto. Hmmm....

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