Sunday, 12 October 2008

Tube city

On the Tube en route to Kensington High Street

This is the final image from this week's London series of images. It features, of course, the best mode of transport for looking around the city - The London Underground or 'The Tube' as it is affectionately known.

Its not the easiest transport system to understand. We got a number of things wrong during our stay but that was part of the fun. Quite simply it is just the easiest and most affordable way to see London but it's more than a transport network. The Underground has become as much part of London's identity as the other landmarks of the city have - even though other cities around the world operate a similar type of underground system. Just like the red London bus and the hackney carriage taxi, the Tube has become an integral part of the London experience.

I've been pleased with the photographs produced during the trip and i hope to have another journey down to the capital soon. Although this is the last image for this week's series, more will appear over the month on the blog. A gallery of images can also be viewed on my MySpace page at

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