Saturday, 11 October 2008

Finding Chinatown

Ancient Chinese emperor desert, Dragon Beard Candy demonstration, Chinatown, London

Finding Chinatown wasn't that straightforward but it was well worth the effort just to experience the place. Even the bin men, driving the dustcart along the street and taking away the rubbish, took on an exotic tone.

We had searched for, well nearly an hour i would imagine, to find this small part of London that is so colourfully Chinese. It wasn't marked on a map from what we could see, so it was the usual case of asking for directions. The signposts for Chinatown seem to be either a bit contradictory or just vague but finally, after a bit of luck and a few directions, we went along a street and... bingo !

A big colourful Chinese sign announced that we had finally found it. The colours, sounds and smells also made it clear just where we were. It was busy too. People walked along taking in these sights and sounds, stopping ever now and again to view cooking demonstrations like this one. Dragon Beard Candy certainly sounds an interesting dish.

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