Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Best of blogs II

Hainford (or Haynford) (All Saints ) Churchyard - Norfolk

At the end of last year, i posted a list of great photography blogs that i subscribe to. Since then, I've come across a few more that are worthy of a look.

Paul Butzi's blog is the figure behind SoFoBoMo and has a rather good photography blog looking at all aspects of photography.

This website has wonderful dreamy images with a summery feel to them. You can get lost in the atmosphere of some of these photographs.

Mrs Deane is the rather unusual name for this photo blog that looks into the world of fine art photography. The blog has features work from all over the world but mainly has a European flavour.

If you love Polaroid photography then you'll love Passport to Trespass which offers loads of Polaroid images in the form of a visual diary.

The daily photography of Andreas Manessinger is a great photography blog that features images from Andreas' travels around Vienna and other places.

One final blog... and it's a goodie. The New York Times Blog called Lens, mixes sound and vision to create excellent multimedia presentations of important stories in the news. Well worth a look.

1 comment:

.kat. said...

Great selection! I've become
quite the Polaroid fan so the
Passport to Trespass is going
to be a new fave I'm sure!

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