Thursday, 30 July 2009

Audio August

The waves come rolling in at Holme Beach - Norfolk, UK

The last few months have seen a few new items integrated into the main website, the most important of these being the twitter feed. In August, i hope to launch another section of the website which has the potential to be both fun and useful. It is called AudioBoo.

The blog and twitter are great ways for me to post items that i interest me but these web tools do have drawbacks for communicating large amounts of information. What i am planning to do in August is add audio blogging to the website via AudioBoo, a service that allows you to record up to three minutes of sound via an iPhone and post it onto the Internet. Not only will i be able to describe where I'm taking photographs, you will also be able to hear the sounds too. It will act as a documentary soundtrack for some of the photographs i produce. On other occasions, I'll just talk about a photography subject that's on my mind. The creative possibilities for using sound are just endless.

I think it'll be fun. It'll add some depth to some of the projects i have in mind too. I won't go mad with it but i will try to do at least one or two a month. More news about this next month.

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