Monday, 22 June 2009

Podcast promises

Hmm. The podcast project hasn't exactly gone to plan. I originally wanted to get it set up and running in April, but it's been a matter of having the time to get a good understanding about how to do it. I'm just about there but I'm not making anymore promises. It will arrive as a surprise sometime soon is all this photographer is willing to say. The podcasts will be part of the multimedia area of the website, which is still in the early stages of construction. I have quite a few ideas to add more interactivity and variety to my website. I've seen a lot of multimedia work that I've loved recently. I especially admire the remarkable work that the New York Times is doing in multimedia presentations. Sound and vision will be exciting formats for me to put together and experiment with. I'll be posting more news about this project and other ideas over the coming weeks.

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