Monday, 8 June 2009

Salgado's Genesis

An iceberg in Antarctica, photographed in 2005- Image by Sebastiao Salgado

There have been a few comments on the web recently concerning the current state of photo-journalism. Many critics believe that there are far too many photo-journalists chasing too few types of stories - famine and war being two of the obvious favourites. Not so with Sebastiao Salgado. Salgado has decided to concentrate on the main 21st century battle for hearts and minds - the environment and the humanity's effect on the planet.

His latest, and possibly final eight year project that he is halfway through, has been to photograph fragile areas of the planet that have remained untouched. Salgado's images look at the environment and the cultures of places that have yet to be badly disturbed by human interference. The images make up a magnificent piece of work and could be viewed as Sebastiao Salgado's most important. Several of the wonderful images can be seen via this New York Times media slide show that can be viewed HERE

A rather good video conversation with Sebastiao Salgado can be found HERE. It is an hour long but well worth a watch, especially if you are interested in the idea of the photographer as an activist.

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