Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Calendar Dreams

Seafront activity at Whitby in North Yorkshire, UK

It's taken most of January but finally i have a photo calendar for the wall - a Joe Cornish calendar with photos taken around the beautiful rural and urban locations of the North of England. Unsurprisingly the calendar is entitled Northern Light. I wondered why the last blog post title seemed familiar. The photographs are just fantastic. So much so, that all those doubts about your own vain attempts at photography suddenly surface. Always a good sign of high quality photography when you are green with envy about other people's work. You just have to channel all that insecurity into improving your own work.

The purchase of a new calendar has renewed my endeavours to try and develop my own this year. I do have one available at the moment via my Cafepress store, but it suffers from it's U.S location and the high price of production, so I'm looking for somewhere that can handle European orders more comfortably. I'm trying to avoid doing my own calendar print run which can end up affordable but only with high number print runs. Could i get rid of a thousand units? Tough...but maybe. A print on demand service like Cafepress offers would suit me better. Sadly, i don't believe that a service exists over on this side of the pond. A pity that.

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