Sunday, 3 January 2010

Digital Expansion

An evening of candle light

Expanding my digital storage capacity has become a priority for 2010. I remember buying my desktop computer and thinking that i'd NEVER be able to fill it's 250Gb hard drive. How wrong i was. I was moving up from my first computer that had 6Gb (wow!) of storage which, in the late 1990's, seemed huge. Last year i really started to use iTunes, not for purchasing huge amounts of data like movies or TV shows, but for audio/video podcasts and music. For 2010 i've started to use audiobooks, so my digital storage needs are growing.

Then there is offline use. I write and record music which, combined with photography, manages to take up vast amounts of space each month. So with audio and photo storage needs increasing at a huge pace, i need some help - an external hard drive. A device that can safely take some of the storage strain from my computer hard drives and offer some extra security against a photographers worst nightmare - data loss.

As we become a more digital world, the sizes of these drives will become yet bigger. I'm looking at buying a 1Tb (terrabyte) drive, but in ten years time what will i need? 10Tb? 100Tb? More? Digital cameras quality improves yearly so imagine dealing with the image file sizes from a 50MP camera.  Makes you think doesn't it.

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